About us


We noticed a gap in the market of convenient functional drinks: its products aren't natural. We wanted to create something to drink on the go that could give a nutritional and health boost in a multidimensional and natural way. Our products went through focus groups and constant change. The blends were reformulated, the flavours and names changed. It took us two years to create a range for every moment/need/concern - bliss, creativity, detox, energy, focus and immunity - while eating the rainbow and getting the health benefits of it. We put you in the center of our business in order to help you enhance your life.


Designed with real people in mind, we created a line of products that provides warmth, health and energy needed to get you through the day. We use natural ingredients to give you the same boost as coffee, while nourishing your body at the same time. 


• PLANET: Sourcing all organic ingredients from farmers, moving towards eco-friendly packaging and working towards a B Corp certified company.
• PEOPLE: We give back to charity.
• PLANTS: All our products are vegan, gluten free and made with organic ingredients and we are currently working towards all official certifications.


With a range of creative plant-based infusions, you can bring the radiant warmth of the sun to your afternoon break. Transport yourself miles from the humdrum of the office with each nutrient-rich sip. You work hard for everyone else, now do something good for YOU. Rise like the sun with Solstice Blends.


We are nutrition and health concerned people that created great tasting, versatile, functional and pure blends in order to help you feel better.





Olive began her journey to health while working in the confines of the cold, corporate world. Day after day she found herself gazing out of her corner cubicle window into the sunshine, counting down the minutes until her next break when she could go outside and soak up the warmth. Living in a city, she’d search for nature. As a high performer she constantly looks for a way to nourish her body and improve herself.