The better way to rehydrate than water

Coconut has such hydrating powers that is proven to rehydrate the body better than water. This does not mean that it will be a replacement for water, but coconut water will be the best choice if you want to fully regain electrolytes after physical activities or if you are recovering from illness.

Coconut can also be a shot to kick off your day. It consists of five electrolytes that are proven to support rapid hydration: sodium, magnesium, calcium, potassium, and phosphorus. Electrolytes are small minerals that are crucial for the body as they help you stay hydrated. Without electrolytes, you will feel tired and lifeless.

Southeast Asia is home to most of the world’s organic coconut production, as the climate there is superior to grow healthy coconut trees. Solstice has researched and sourced coconut powder from here, since we want to bring the best latte for you to start your day. 

Solstice created our PINK GUARANA Latte with coconut as one of our main ingredients. Our PINK GUARANA Latte has three active ingredients, which are coconut, beetroot and guarana. With the hydration from coconut, a slow release of energy from beetroot and the concentration of caffeine from guarana, you can have enough energy to start your day.  Mixing PINK GUARANA Latte as a hot or iced latte with coconut, oat or almond milk for more energy before your workout, or add it to your water bottle for added energy during your workout. 

Try our PINK GUARANA Latte and live the COCONUT way of life!

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