Why we love working with local businesses

Now more than ever is important to support your local community. Under current COVID-19 safety protocols you can continue to support restaurants and cafes by ordering takeout and replenishing and restocking while self-quarantining. You can buy our products online or in 20 restaurants and cafes throughout Spain and 13 locations in Netherlands.

When you spend money in your own community, that sparks an involved community atmosphere where the money can also be circled around to other small businesses (rather than huge corporations) and ensures that your taxes are reinvested in the local economy, which results in improvements in the community. It generates local jobs for existing and new residents while providing a pathway out of unemployment and helping bridge the wealth and equity gap for marginalized populations. Buying from small businesses has particular environmental benefits such as reducing transportation, given that they are located closer to residents, and so create less traffic congestion, habitat loss and air and water pollution. That's why we love working with local businesses!

As a small business, we like to take the time to get to know our customers and be knowledgeable about the products the restaurants and cafes are selling in order to include the goods the people like and want to buy.

Whether as an individual consumer or a commercial consumer the decision to buy locally will promote wealth and health in our communities. Let's stick together and boost one another. If you know a product/brand that you like spread the word and share your experience with friends and peers! Don’t assume others know about the great product/brand you found.

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