Why we chose to follow a Vegan diet

All our products are vegan because through personal experimentation, we noticed that it enable us to feel and perform better in everyday life. Like you, we want to ultimately become the best version of ourselves and so we created an all natural blend that follows our values and can help us achieve our goals. 

Although a plant-based diet predominantly consists of plants (with some or no animal products), a vegan diet totally eliminates all animal products. Over time, veganism became a lifestyle based not only on ethics and animal welfare but also on environmental, political and health concerns, which have been validated by research. In accordance with our philosophy, within our recipes we suggest using plant-based milk so that the product does not lose its all natural, performance purpose. Plant-based milk is free of all animal products. It is made by grinding a nuts like almonds or grains like oats, adding water and natural sweeteners like a date or honey. Commonly made from almond, cashew, oats, rice, soy or coconut, plant-based milk is rich in vitamins and minerals, does not contain cholesterol and has a healthy combination of fats making it perfect for a slow digestive system. 

Almond milk is probably one of the first non-dairy milks to ever be made as it started in Roman times. They made this milk as it was a natural resource in the region, preserved longer than dairy milk and there was no to keep it cold as it is free from growing bacteria. This is by far one of our favorite milks to make as it is so quick. We love this milk because it contributes to strong bones, cardiovascular health, healthy skin, stable blood pressure, good kidney function and a strong vision. Nevertheless you can choose to buy it an any grocery store these days. 

Oat milk is also one of our preferred milks to enjoy with our blends. Making this at home is just as fast as almond milk, but it is also widely available in grocery stores. Naturally lightly sweet and creamy, oat milk has the highest amount of calories and carbohydrates, making it beneficial for people with gluten intolerance or celiac disease. It also helps stabilize your blood sugar levels. 

Furthermore, coconut milk is used to add flavour while cooking, can be diluted for drinking use and this is usually the version we use to enjoy with our Blends. Coconut milk has a creamier consistancy when compared to other plant-based milks and of course we love the coconut flavor. For those who are following a Ketogenic Diet this milk is the best to use as it's high good fat content and can fuel you for longer. It also helps improve one's energy levels and immune system. Coconut milk is naturally rich in electrolytes, can prevent fatigue and improves digestion.

Additionally, Soy milk is the most nutritionally-balanced of the plant-based milk alternatives, since it's rich in protein, it helps in lowering cholesterol and promoting cardiovascular health. Soy milk has been drank in East Asian cultures since the 11th century, but in modern day has got a bad reputation since most studies are based on genetically modified soy. When shopping for this milk we always go organic in order to avoid genetically modified soy. 

Last but not least, Rice milk is simply made with rice and water. It boosts the immune system, improving one's metabolism, circulation, nerve function and cardiovascular health. Rice milk's consistency does not makes it ideal to prepare with our beverages as it has a watery, thin consistancy. Although we love how naturally sweet this milk is, we don't usually serve our Blends with it as it can really overly sweeten the final beverage.

All in all how do you know what is the best milk to buy? While each brand has its own consistency and flavour, you can use this article as a guide until you figure out what your personal preference is! Get creative in the kitchen and have fun becoming a modern day Alchemist by mixing our blends with all the plant-based milks out there!

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