Samurai Matcha Superfood Latte

Balances body and mind with the precision of a Samurai.


Matcha has its origins in China, but truly came to fame in Japanese Zen monasteries. Not surprising, as this robust tea is known for its amazing duality. Ceremonial blend matcha can both activate your body and relax your mind. When mixed together with maca, the powerful root capable of increasing circulation and stamina, it makes an unstoppable mixture. We can’t help but think of the mighty Samurai, whose mind and body worked together in precise harmony. With this blend, you’ll be able to strike that same brilliant balance.

Samurai Matcha: Coconut Blossom Sugar (Indonesia), Maca Powder (Peru), Ceremonial Blend Matcha (Japan), Mediterranean Sea Salt (Spain).





  1. Mix 1 teaspoon of powder with a few tablespoons of hot water.
  2. Use a milk frother to blend first.
  3. Then add in either hot or cold plant-based or cows milk and continue to blend till fully blended.
Solstice Tip: You may order your Samurai Matcha here.





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